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Rottingdean – Smugglers and Storytellers

A walking tour through the scenic village of Rottingdean. As a cultured retreat from neighbouring Brighton, the village has attracted writers and artists to visit or make their home here over the years.  We hear about some of these creatives, including the famous...

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Brighton – Prinny and his Pavilion

A walking tour through Brighton. For centuries the fishing town of Brighthelmstone, we find out how it saw a change in fortunes during the Georgian period of the 1700s. We hear more about the development of a remarkable ‘seawater cure’ and the patronage of Prinny: he...

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Special Agent, Suffragettes and Standard-bearers 

A walking tour through the Montpelier and Clifton Hill area of Brighton. We meet a true war hero: an agent with Britain's Special Operations Executive who operated clandestinely in German-occupied France during WW2. During our walk we are introduced to members of the...

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Hove – Brunswick to the Burbs

Walking tour of Hove, actually. Meet the neighbours; step over the boundary from Brighton into Hove and take a walk through from Brunswick to the 'burbs. Come and discover how a single track village with a dubious reputation developed into the eclectic and...

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Bramber – Kings and the Castle

A walking tour through the historic village of Bramber. We explore the remains of the Norman castle, built following their conquest of England in 1066, and its strategic importance in securing Norman dominance of the area. We also hear about members of the notorious...

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Bombs, Battlefields and Bravery Remembered

A walking tour through Hove and finishing across the boundary into Brighton. We hear both about the Brighton Blitz, inflicted by the Luftwaffe during WW2, and about the most audacious attack on British democracy since the gunpowder plot well over 300 years earlier;...

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Steyning – Saxons and their Saint

A walking tour through the picturesque town of Steyning. Established by the time of the Saxon saint, St. Cuthman, Steyning was once an economic powerhouse of the early Middle Ages. We hear about the town's significance, and what role it played in William the...

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Mobster, Mutiny and Military Mettle

Walking tour of Hove's Old Cemetery. We visit perhaps the most mendacious grave in the cemetery, that of a notorious London mobster who relocated to Brighton and Hove in the inter-war years. During our walk, we explore both the Indian Mutiny and the Crimean War and we...

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