A walking tour through the historic village of Bramber.

We explore the remains of the Norman castle, built following their conquest of England in 1066, and its strategic importance in securing Norman dominance of the area.

We also hear about members of the notorious de Braose family and how they incurred the wrath of King John. It was, in part, events surrounding Bramber Castle and the de Braoses that led to the Barons forcing King John to agree the Magna Carta!

The tour starts from the car park opposite the Castle Inn, The Street (BN44 3WE). Parking is available in the nearby car park. The tour lasts for 1 hour and 45 minutes (approximately) and will finish near St. Mary’s House, The Street (BN44 3WE).

The level of walking involved is moderate, and it covers approximately 2.7kms. Please note, the walk involves a climb to the top of Bramber castle, including a flight of steps (followed by the inevitable descent). We’ll also be exploring at the top of the castle, walking off established paths, and appropriate footwear is recommended.